Timber! Outdoor Music Festival in Pictures

A while back I posted a few reasons why you should consider putting Timber! Outdoor Music Festival on your calendar for next year. After finally getting my photographs off my phone, a mostly mobile view of Timber! is ready for your ogling, reminiscing and vicarious living. There wasn’t a single act I didn’t like. Even


Goodbye World.

I’ve been remiss in posting these past couple of days, only pecking at my drafts like a baby chicken hunting for worms. Partly because I’ve been taken in by a summertime sadness and have always struggled being anything but upbeat and optimistic in public spaces. Partly because I’ve put off packing for my vacation and

Bridge City Bridge Club inspired Card Game Genealogy

The legend is true. I play bridge. It started a few years ago when I was dating a lawyer and we were looking for “the most entertaining and intelligent card game the wit of man has so far devised.” 1 Actually, I can’t remember what kicked off the intrigue, only that a friend had invited us

how to create your web page

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For those who haven’t heard, I’m headed to Alaska later this week by boat (er, um, a cruise) and since we dock in Vancouver, BC for a day we need to bring our passports. Since I haven’t been able to find mine, I set out to find it and that required going through every shelf,

Who Needs Sleep? Some fun tidbits about that thing I wish I could get more of.

Turns out that blogging every day is hard work. Even when I skip a day or feel like slacking and sharing pictures instead, I find myself writing posts in my head similar to when I used to think in Facebook status updates or tweets. It’s this virtual writing, not really writing, that tires me out


Timber! Fest Preview

Sometimes all I can hear is Car Talk, “well folks, it’s happened again. you’ve wasted yet another hour…” And so it goes. As such, all I have to share is a preview of last weekend’s Timber! Outdoor Music Festival. I can’t wait to process the photos from my camera so these phone picts will have

New in Tech: There’s a line for the women’s restroom

I first encountered this phenomenon at BarCamp Portland and again at Open Source Bridge – both this year. Finally, all that “Where the Tech is She?” hype started coming true in 2013 and there were lines at OSCON. And I wasn’t the only one to notice. As I was sporting some fancy blue shoes, a lovely

Future Homes and an (un)Associated String of Consciousness

I can’t remember how the conversation started. My new housemate has a coffee sense about him and knows just when to wake up and walk into the kitchen – when the brew’s a few seconds from done. How we switched from the slow morning shuffle to talking about rooms for our robots I’m not sure.


Why you should check out Timber! Fest Next Year

After a whirlwind weekend, I’m finally home and semi-breaking the rule of no computers in bed as I type this post into my phone (via an external keyboard). For more information on Timber Fest! see my eponymous post (coming soon). 1. It’s very well organized. So well that unless you take the time to think

Family Band

I’m writing from I-5 on my way to the first ever Timber! Fest. (The exclamation is important, otherwise folks may get confused with the professional footballers.) While I had a few queued posts about my past week at OSCON rising, my baby brother, Jake, surprised me by strumming up a rendition of Of Monsters and

Crab Cakes on Garlic Greens

Food Experiments – Non Recipes for the Daring

One of the benefits of community living, or having several housemates over the years, is the food culture that’s brought in and shared. Hands down my favorite addition was from a couple who introduced me to the concept of using the weekend to prep food for the week including the bean soaking and sour dough

My 30 Day Challenge

Early July I decided to resurrect my Personal Board of Advisers and bribed someone I considered influential, inspirational and vocal with lunch. I then agreed to a 30 day challenge of blogging every day. We started on July 15, 2013 and as a result, I’ve spent hours every day immediately processing my life, doing additional

Animated Gifs: an iPhone App Review

Remember when animated gifs were what we used on the web, for real, alongside (and typically inside) tables? Thems were boring times compared to the animated gif boom of the past couple of years. From folks wanting to mimic the moving photographs of Harry Potter to spreading cheer and ridiculous memes, the masses have spoken:


Falls Creek Falls

Not much to say other than OH MY LAWDY I just saw the most beautiful falls that I’ve ever seen. Better than the one I climbed in Maui, better than the Jurassic Park opening scene, better than Niagra. Falls Creek Falls, creatively named for both the creek and the falls. Without further ado, some photos


Reluctant Home Owner Inspired, or what I learned from planting pampas grass

A former colleague of mine, Erin, shares his and his wife’s incredible home improvement projects on ReluctantHomeOwner.com. While I had not purchased my home reluctantly, I had slipped into maintenance quite reluctantly. I remember the first time Erin shared his site and I spent hours fascinated and inspired. See, my yard had long suffered from

Cork Knobs

I Spy: a fresh look around a space that i see every day

Having lived with myself forever, I rarely stop to think what it must be like to live with me. Turns out “it’s an adventure” and I “don’t do things like most people.” Quite possibly. In part one of taking a first look at what I see every day, this is what I found and these


IndieWebCamp and a Safari

IndieWebCamp happened and I missed it. However, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Here’s what I’d heard at Open Source Bridge (as quoted on the camp’s website): IndieWebCamp is a gathering of web creators building and sharing open web technologies to advance the state of the indie web. We get together for a weekend to

Slow Site

A Need for Speed: How I sped up my WordPress Admin and WordPress (.org) Blog

To prep for my 30 Day Blogging Challenge (#30dc), I started to give my old blog a make over. This included upgrading WordPress, my theme … and re-tagging, re-categorizing and setting featured images for all of my old posts. That was the task I was dutifully toiling away on tonight when it started taking far

Calligraphy Fun on Leather

As we head into prime wedding season, I figured it fitting to share a few recent wedding gift ideas that were extremely fun to make. Someone once told me that you had a year to get a gift and so for most, I take that year to craft the je ne sais quoi of gifts. I’m

Yahoo: may you do to Tumblr what you did to Flickr

Make it Better I recently found myself tired of having so many experiments out in the wild of the internet – sites I’d created for one test or another, collecting dust and confusion. So I decided it was time to kill them. And to kill them, I just needed ONE. My dream: one, easy-to-use site where


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