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Lil Miss. Sunshine

Did I say I was going to spend another night in Memphis? It must have been the crack dropped in my drink. Yeah…I made the smarter move, and headed down the Natchez Trace Parkway, a magical strip of roadway from Nashville to Natchez Miss. Never mind the first evening, when I portended death and slept


Tennessee Tannin to Memphis Grays

It’s affirmative. Nashville is a rockin’ city, even for non country die-hards like myself. I want to drink more Jack Daniels and expect to see live music in every venue, for free, with dancing groupies collecting tips for the band. Among my favorites (and ones I can remember): Jypsi :: extremely sexy, with style to


Kickin it in Nashville

Yeah, so that plan about going to Cleveland and Columbus and Cincinnati? Not sure if you’ve heard me complain yet or not, but it’s f**n cold there, so I just decided to skip it and head south. Yeehaw! First, I got to check out the home town of Superman. Soo cool, even at night. If

From Potheads to Potholes

My first impression of Chicago? Holy Batman, look at them potholes! If you don’t, your car bumps, bleeps and yells at you. Upon sharing my amusement with a local, he whispers, “well, Chicago’s still a bit corrupt.” And I think again of Boston … as I’d been walking earlier, I kept picking up silent allusions

Kansas Karaoke

Finally! After 3 sober, singless weeks, I find karaoke in Kansas. After I finish writing a post on being sick, I pack up my things and start to head out, when I decide to sit at a single open spot at the bar. The men are friendly and I easily contribute to their conversations on

Sick on/of the Road

Alas, the high elevations have eroded my immune system. Or perhaps it’s the jerky and sunflower seed diet. Or unhygenic food service workers. Or suspicious hostel kitchen and bathroom. Or just plain winter boohoo. Whatever it is, I’ve been nursing an achy neck, runny throat (you know, when the snot rolls out the back of

Hostel Gold and Flagstaff

If you can believe it, I spent my first night at a hostel in Flagstaff – and it was a BLAST. After spending my next night at another hostel in Albuquerque, turns out I hit gold on my first strike. Second strike – not so much. The fun started when I walked through the door


Lesson of the Day: a u-turn keeps you moving forward (not backwards) As I’m dashing out of Tucson, I intend on swinging by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum before driving down to Bisbee, where I’ll follow the border over to Texas along my pre-planned route. By the time I’m finished with the museum (which is a

Bisbee Bound

It’s been an adventurous week in Tucson. After a few days of cold, rainy and snowy weather, the sun finally got my memo and came outside. I even burned a little while attending a beautiful outdoor wedding yesterday and could feel the Vitamin D production. (In hind sight, this was critical to surviving my last

Sugar Pine Karaoke

Saturday night in the mountains (outside Spa Mom), gives me a glimpse of small towns to come. (I imagine desert akin to mountain.) Saturday night, the local Sugar Pine boasts karaoke, and, on a whim, I sweet talk my brother and mother into venturing out for some fine entertainment. With only five or six people

Spa Mom

Quietly nestled in the Sierra Foothills, between low and high elevation lakes Oroville and Buck’s, Spa Mom provides rejuvenation nourishments unparalleled by any other. Spa Mom is 9.3 acres of woods with a year round creek, waterfall, animals and activities for kids of all ages. One can start her morning feeding the pot bellies Annabell,

Ask Jewel

Is there something you’ve just been dying to check out or want to know? Like, what’s the best city for karaoke? Price of gas in some podunk town? Or if they’re still selling that one shot glass you need to complete your collection? I make no guarantees I’ll get around to everything, but you’re welcome

Google Earth Roadtrip Map

Talk to Strangers: the route

Follow me across the deep south, up the rust belt and along classic route 66. I’ll do my best to keep postings as I travel but don’t expect me to move fast. The new car only has a v4 and all my talking to strangers will have me stopping in every town/village/city/gas station along the


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