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Where brat, bufoon, rat and scumbag are NOT ok, f**k is.

As Rachel Maddow put it, this Irishman went “all Anglo Saxon” on the other guy’s arse. Apparently, we’re wearing off a bit.

Common Thoughts

As I sit on a secluded beach on the North shore of Maui, I’m not quite ready to digest and share my experiences. So I’ve decided to share a few comments I received this morning, apparently found elsewhere (somewhere on a message board site) on the internet. May you find peace in knowing we share

A Poem for Summer Coming

Jack Spicer woke my wanderlust soul this morning with a poem. I appreciate the almost beat while staying off the beaten path. I think John Mayer read Jack Spicer. And I think mornings are suitable for thinking and elegies, for  mourning. Jack Spicer is dead. Here is a snippet. Get the whole thing on

a perfectionist at 12

Another one from the archives. 3.26.08. Funny how fast we grow and life changes in a year. Would be embarrassing if it weren’t honesty. when i was 8 i wanted braces – i’d make my own with paper clips. when i was 10 i wanted contacts – i’d suck on ice and put it in

desert poem

From the archives. 2.3.08 if i’d have known you as a Saguero, i’d have hunted for your flowers at night: suckled stamina, swam in scents, and kissed each sweetly good night – before they close in morning (for eternity?) if i’d have known you as a Vampire, i’d have been seduced into the quagmire of

therapy = no health insurance

This has turned out to be a doozy of a week. First, a client of mine laid off all contractors and cut back employees. Very sad despite how much cut backs were expected. Then I received a letter from ODS saying that I was declined the health insurance I applied for over a month ago,


4th grade rerun

9. I’m in my 9th year in Portland. And it doesn’t seem quite right. I remember giving Joe his birthday present: 23 Reasons Joe Rocks oh, a couple of years ago. So how did he just turn 30? Nine years, really? If I take liberties with time (which I can as a writer in this

Ask and Ye Shall Receive … and some front seat driving

Today culminated with a resounding reminder and notion: Ask and Ye Shall Receive. It’s not a novel concept. Even as I write it, the old hymn from church lulls me back to the days when I loved singing in church. I could be loud and still unseen, lingering in a place where no wrong and

25 Random Things About Me

So this is another post inspired by Facebook. Once “tagged” you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, you choose 25 people to be tagged, including the person who tagged you because (duh) they want to know more about you. It’s presumptuous, yes,

Happy Holidays

The rumors you’ve been hearing are true. A short week after coming home from Hawaii, snow came to Portland. And it stayed. And snowed a little more. And froze. And stayed. And snowed more. It’s been over a week since my car’s made it out of the driveway and off our street. I finally got

Maui: Day 2

Wednesday is my first full day on the island. I’m still on Portland time, so I rise with the sun, around 8 (6 Hawaiian). I join Paul on his “constitutional” – a 3 mile walk down the coast, past the really rich resorts including the Grand Wailea, where Oprah stays (or hosted a holiday party

Maui: Day One

Notes from my first trip off the continent. Mahalo. Not sure what this word means, but the folks on Hawaiian can’t get enough of this word. A friendly gentleman tells me that tomorrow and Sunday will be the best days to learn how to surf and I’m not sure if this is truth or the

Hope is Alive

Admist the celebrations, fireworks, live music and cheers one thing rings clear in the night America calls Obama their 44th president elect: hope is alive. For some, this is the first ray of hope they’ve seen in a long while. For others, this is the empowerment they’ve been passionately pushing for years. I am excited

Dumb Leading the Blind?

I’m sure you have plenty of your own opinions on the debate. I just couldn’t pass up sharing some comments I saw on a post this morning on “who won the debate?” Are we really this close to “Idiocracy“? (For those who haven’t seen the movie, not sure now will be a comforting time, though

le hungry @ le happy

Last night, the girls and I kicked off a ladies’ night extravaganza with delicious martini’s at the Vault. With happy hour prices at $4, the savory Geisha, with saki, ginger infused vodka and lime juice, and the sweet Happy Lady, a blend of vanilla vodka and lemon, were our favorites. Le Happy was the best

Congratulations John + Amelia

A few weeks back, my cousin John graduated from law school and the following day, they baptized his daughter, Amelia. The entire weekend was bliss, sunshine, family and inspiration. I was lucky enough to meet up with my aunt, Susan, and her son, Nick, who were flying down to San Francisco from Seattle. After we

Family Fun, Black Butte and Bend

I’m alive. Just been lazy with the computer. Summer is just so much more fun spent outside, on the beach and in swimming pools. This week my uncle Paul invited me out to Black Butte, just outside of Sisters, OR. My friend, Kyle, and I drove out late Tuesday night so we could get in

Congratulations to new Parents!

Just a quick shout out to two courageous families, who brought 2 beautiful baby girls into the world recently. Marley Denise Ballman graces Minnesota with her undoubtedly vivacious (even if only 1 month) soul. I’m so excited for Derrick and Melissa, 2 of the chillest and creative cousins I know. And I can’t wait to

Heatwave and Leaving Portland

Summer has hit Portland, finally! Yesterday temperatures reached 96 F while John and I rode around Portland in search of a fountain and a happy hour. If you haven’t visited the sunken rose gardens in North Portland, do it! Our super find of the day was “Liberty Glass”, a block south of Fremont on Mississippi.

In the End, Everyone is a Loser

“In the End, Everyone is a Loser.” – Andrew Ross Sorkin (new york times) on today’s/tonight’s Charlie Rose show. Some may argue he was talking only in reference to the botched Microsoft-Yahoo deal, but the twinkle in the wunderkind’s eye illuminated omniscience.


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