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Ansi Art Sample - Artist

An ANSI Photo Experiment: you can too!

I could make ANSI art all night when it’s as easy as uploading a photo to Hacker Tools. And I can see myself in a not too distant future spending more time perfecting the auto-generated graphics to be just what I want. For no other purpose than to relive my Contra days.* This brief adventure

Crab Cakes on Garlic Greens

Food Experiments – Non Recipes for the Daring

One of the benefits of community living, or having several housemates over the years, is the food culture that’s brought in and shared. Hands down my favorite addition was from a couple who introduced me to the concept of using the weekend to prep food for the week including the bean soaking and sour dough

Cork Knobs

I Spy: a fresh look around a space that i see every day

Having lived with myself forever, I rarely stop to think what it must be like to live with me. Turns out “it’s an adventure” and I “don’t do things like most people.” Quite possibly. In part one of taking a first look at what I see every day, this is what I found and these

Calligraphy Fun on Leather

As we head into prime wedding season, I figured it fitting to share a few recent wedding gift ideas that were extremely fun to make. Someone once told me that you had a year to get a gift and so for most, I take that year to craft the je ne sais quoi of gifts. I’m

Hawk Pendant

2 cents on opening an Etsy shop

It’s been a crafty autumn and while I can’t quite share all of the details (since the gifts have yet to be given) I can share a little ditty about opening an Etsy shop. While it’s about as easy as Apple Pie (as, let’s face it, Apple Pie requires a crust which can be tricky), it


How To Make Your Own Animal Picture Holder

Not long ago, in a land called Photojojo, some folks cut little plastic animals in half to make photo holders. And since I had some 99 cent figurines from the party store lying around my house (from an old house party, of course) that project had always stuck with me. Luckily, a friend’s birthday crept

Installing PHP, MySQL and MacPorts on Snow Leopard

Funny. I drafted this in January and kept coming back to it when I had to do a fresh wipe and install back in September. Since it’s still in the draft archives, I thought I’d pull it back out in case it helps someone else. It’s been a long month recovering from a corrupt hard

poem for a skater – 20/30

I’ve been alot of people already and found out I don’t know who I am. Can you tell me. you’re a skater who loved to be hated, wanted to be a lover and lusted after life. you’d nollie so high, you’d clear three moons in one night. shit, you ate three pies to prove your eyes don’t shine brighter

Holiday Recipes

Thanksgiving is my most FAVORITE holiday of the year and I’m looking forward to trying both the beets recipe (w/my beets from the garden) and the cranberry one. Thanks, People’s Coop. Herbed Beets with Fennel 6 medium red or chiogga 2 large fennel bulbs 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons unsalted butter or butter


Talk to Strangers: Portraits of America

Artist Reception: Aug 3, 2009 Jewel Mlnarik, a local artist and digital media and project consultant, shows a selection of her black and white photos from a road trip across America. The portraits, a selection from her Talk to Strangers series, explore the commonalities threaded through us all. Swing by Echo Restaurant before August 12

Homemade Snack Bars

This recipe catches my attention after I spend a weekend bicycling from Seattle to Portland. For two days I crave water only to find canned and bottled substitutes more available, each with their own claim of being better than water while being comprised mostly of water. And I can’t decipher the ingredients lists because I

MOPPING + DIPPING Billy Stubbs Pit Boy BBQ Sauce

I snagged this recipe from Blackbird Wine Shop’s newsletter. When it comes to BBQ, I look to Billy Stubbs Texas Pit Master. He is my own mentor when it comes to grillin’, smokin’, chillin’. Stubbs schooled me in the way of the sauce like the Black Obi Wan Kenobi. I went with it. On faith.

Timelapsed Photography

Another quick attempt to procrastinate on engaging entries, here’s another shot at the “picture a day” project. So check it out and come back in a year and see how mine develops.


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