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costa rican road

Driving in Costa Rica and what to do if you get a ticket.

On our route from the Carribean to San Jose, in an effort to make it around the mountain before total darkness (and unanticipated fog) I follow suit of fellow drivers and pass a slow truck–over a faded, double yellow line. A policeman up hill stands in the road to wave me off. “Una problemo?” I

3 simple DIYs for clean clothes and better sandwiches: a homesteading weekend 9 months in the making

Last winter, my girlfriend was getting ready to quit her job and go to school. So Santa brought the house a variety of homesteading gifts for Christmas. Our housemate holiday celebration was filled with oohs and aahs and shrieks of excitement over literature on roasting coffee, a cheese making kit, a bonafide sauerkraut press, new


On Being a Vinyl Playing on a Manual Turntable (or 3 Rules for a Successful 30 Day Challenge)

The second of my 30 day challenges comes to an end tonight as I revel in my meeting my goal: 10,000 steps a day. And when I say I met my goal, I mean that I reached it – at the end – with a current average of 10,276 steps a day for the month

Twitter Powered Node Copter is (will be) the new Pigeon Cam

(or how to control your Parrot AR Drone over the internet, even with an Airport router) In 1858 a passionate Frenchman took the first arial photographs known to accessible history. In 1908, a crazy photographer outfitted a crazy adorable pigeon with a tiny camera to share the first set of photos that would show us

Animated Gifs: an iPhone App Review

Remember when animated gifs were what we used on the web, for real, alongside (and typically inside) tables? Thems were boring times compared to the animated gif boom of the past couple of years. From folks wanting to mimic the moving photographs of Harry Potter to spreading cheer and ridiculous memes, the masses have spoken:

Slow Site

A Need for Speed: How I sped up my WordPress Admin and WordPress (.org) Blog

To prep for my 30 Day Blogging Challenge (#30dc), I started to give my old blog a make over. This included upgrading WordPress, my theme … and re-tagging, re-categorizing and setting featured images for all of my old posts. That was the task I was dutifully toiling away on tonight when it started taking far

How I Fixed my HP C5180 Printer

September 2013 Update: I’m so glad this has helped so many people! Over the years, a few folks have posted additional info in the comments, so I recommend checking out the great tips especially from Mike & Jim if the Hard Reset isn’t what you’re looking for. After several weeks of no working printer, I


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