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Stranger Q+A

If you received a mini photo and question, you’re invited to post your answer here. You’re free to share as little or as much information about who you are and the question you received. Thanks for sharing!  


Falls Creek Falls

Not much to say other than OH MY LAWDY I just saw the most beautiful falls that I’ve ever seen. Better than the one I climbed in Maui, better than the Jurassic Park opening scene, better than Niagra. Falls Creek Falls, creatively named for both the creek and the falls. Without further ado, some photos


Reluctant Home Owner Inspired, or what I learned from planting pampas grass

A former colleague of mine, Erin, shares his and his wife’s incredible home improvement projects on While I had not purchased my home reluctantly, I had slipped into maintenance quite reluctantly. I remember the first time Erin shared his site and I spent hours fascinated and inspired. See, my yard had long suffered from

Portland from the 405

bridge to brews 2011

Not only did I run my best race pace yet for an 8k, I stopped to take photos along the way. Maybe next time I’ll break a 9 minute mile and leave the shooting for shots of whiskey.


i’m awesome because. a social art experiment?

I found this sticker, conveniently placed next to a pen on a string, on a street sign pole outside the Red Flag in Portland OR. Yes, I took advantage of this social art experiment. If you can track down the sticker, can you guess which answer is mine? Any idea who’s collating these? Have you


4th grade rerun

9. I’m in my 9th year in Portland. And it doesn’t seem quite right. I remember giving Joe his birthday present: 23 Reasons Joe Rocks oh, a couple of years ago. So how did he just turn 30? Nine years, really? If I take liberties with time (which I can as a writer in this

100 Things

Got this list from Karen on her Facebook. I couldn’t resist and so marked what I did in CAPS. Cuz I like to yell when I’m excited. It’s an odd and random list and struck my fancy as I was going through my own list just earlier today. (Which I’ll post later.) 1. STARTED MY


Cross Crusades Rule

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships, Sun 11/9. After watching the first race of the Cross Crusade series at the Alpenrose Dairy, I had high expectations for all cyclo-cross races. Luckily, today’s race at the Portland International Raceway didn’t let me down. Costumes, “free” beer and bikes, oh my … what more can a girl ask

Photo Games

How timely that I should receive an email touting a handful of games for photo geeks, just days after chatting up with friends how much I absolutely LOVE and need games in my life. (Athletic, competitive, card, dice, board, etc – NOT of the mind variety.) So I decide to join “Mission 24″ on Flickr.

New Bike, New Burst of Energy

After 4 trips to bike shops and 7 test rides, I went back to the first store I visited (twice yesterday and twice today) to buy my new love. This “starter” road bike possesses strength, radiates beauty and invites all, who pass by, on an energizing yet not exhausting 40 mile ride. This is my


Big Fish in Little Pond

Yep, that’s right. I caught a big fish with a little goldfish hook and spot-on training from my baby brother Jake and my dad. My favorite quote of the eve was from Jake after I asked, excitedly, what to do once I felt a tug on my line. “Well, do you want to CATCH it?”

How to Kill Lethargy

1. sign up for Aikido seminar – if you pay enough money while you are unemployed you will guilt trip yourself into going 2. go to Aikido seminar – ok, so you’ve already paid and taken Friday night off … but Saturday morning you find yourself wanting to skip it anyway. (maybe you can say

Have I Found What I Was Looking For?

How’d your trip go? Was it everything you expected? I cannot count the number of times I’ve been asked these questions. After my first return to the aikiki after four long months my response to the common questions shifts, accommodating the changes I notice in my Aikido practice I look nage and uke in the

Talk to Strangers Road Trip

Febrary-April 2008 Wow, who would have imagined how much time it’d take to develop and parse through 30 rolls of film and over 1,500 digital photos? Fine, laugh away… Good news is that I’m slowly getting there and willing to share my portfolio and albums along the way. Just remember they’re not complete and I


I hate to rant too much on how much I rock, but I can’t help it … and the Bloody Mary’s are kicking in. Check it out: Best Dressed, SXSW 2008. It was funny being approached by someone with a camera, considering that’s what I’d been doing all trip. Now I definitely don’t mind complimenting


On Being a Champion

Simply put, it rocks – like the music at SXSW. Of the 15,000 folks at the festival, around 100 entered a softball tourney, the entertainment for the close out BBQ. Those braves played their hearts out on dusty fields after 4 days of continuous drinking, partying and little sleep. And some of us won. I

Kansas Karaoke

Finally! After 3 sober, singless weeks, I find karaoke in Kansas. After I finish writing a post on being sick, I pack up my things and start to head out, when I decide to sit at a single open spot at the bar. The men are friendly and I easily contribute to their conversations on


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