Along my journey of life countless people have inspired, challenged and supported me. Without these conversations and connections my journey wouldn’t be possible – or as fulfilling. So this page goes out:

  • to the ones I love (and karaoke)
  • to my parents who taught and keep on reminding me that conventional isn’t for everyone
  • to my uncle, lion o’brien, my inspiration to drop out of college for a crash course in life, business and enlightenment
  • to alex, for not starting a business with me but lending me your Entrepreneur’s Bible instead – i much prefer being friends
  • to erin, the first woman who taught me it’s ok to be sexy and feminine within a strong tom-boy persona
  • to the women at, their creativity, leadership and success – my first business role models
  • to nancy, a highschool math teacher who saw potential in a freshman and got me hooked on expanding the internet – i never expected that women would be a minority in STEM fields
  • to jeffrey and his contagious passion of art and technology – i’ve lived with this virus for over a decade now
  • to my brother and cousins who’ve hitch-hiked the country and traveled the world
  • to my former colleagues and bosses who’ve shared their brilliance, patience and selves
  • to all my friends and family who are always here when it means the most and laugh not only at me, but with me

2 Responses to Acknowledgements

  1. Steve says:

    Have a great trip! The site looks awesome and I’m looking forward to hearing about your travels.

  2. Chris says:

    Okay, I’m caught up on your travels thus far. Seems like it has been all you wanted it to be and I hope it continues to surprise and move you in unexpected ways.

    Really great reading, please post more!


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