Monthly archives: July, 2011

Rock Against Alziemer’s 2011: Not to be forgotten

Rock Against Alziemer’s 2011: Not to be forgotten

In what will live on as one of the most memorable shows of the year, Rock Against Alziemer’s raised an unforgettable amount of money and awareness around a disease that affects many loved ones. And they did it by lining up the best show I’d seen all year. Here’s a few of my favorites from

Misumena Vatia (Crab Spider) and a Wasp

Caught on Macro: Watching a Spider Kill a Wasp

The highlight of my trip to Estacada today was playing with my make-shift macro lens in an attempt to photograph a bee or a wasp, only to catch it getting caught for brunch by a peculiar spider. (I sometimes take off my lens, turn it around and hold it against the camera body with my


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