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Portland from the 405

bridge to brews 2011

Not only did I run my best race pace yet for an 8k, I stopped to take photos along the way. Maybe next time I’ll break a 9 minute mile and leave the shooting for shots of whiskey.

night rider

Ride By: pt 2

A trio from a ride to Kennedy School one fine Saturday. As the sun began to set, I found myself wanting to peer inside windows and catch glimpses of people settling in next to lamps and fire lights. Instead, I realized I forgot my own bike lights and did my best to pedal on. I’d

grilled cheese grill double decker bus

Ride by Shooting: Take 1

Warning: do not try this at home nor on the streets w/out proper helmet and balance. Compared to last week’s experiment, from the “safety” of my car, I found that I was less likely to capture people from my bike. Instead, I focused on architecture or waited until I was comfortably seated behind a book


drive by shooting: 2

Last week I posted some new photos from a 1 day photo project: browse Portland by car. Before I post photos from this weekend’s shoot: “Ride by Shooting”, here’s a few more from the safety of my car. Click here to view the first batch. [view on flickr]


How To Make Your Own Animal Picture Holder

Not long ago, in a land called Photojojo, some folks cut little plastic animals in half to make photo holders. And since I had some 99 cent figurines from the party store lying around my house (from an old house party, of course) that project had always stuck with me. Luckily, a friend’s birthday crept

portland, oregon

drive by shooting

A one day photo project: browse Portland by car. It’s easy to get caught up in traffic when sitting behind a steering wheel, so I decided to take a deeper look at what I’m not seeing when I keep my eyes on the bumper in front of me. Here’s a few of my immediate faves


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