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i’m awesome because. a social art experiment?

I found this sticker, conveniently placed next to a pen on a string, on a street sign pole outside the Red Flag in Portland OR. Yes, I took advantage of this social art experiment. If you can track down the sticker, can you guess which answer is mine? Any idea who’s collating these? Have you


look-see: photos for your poetry

Ancient Theories by Nick Lantz A horse hair falls into the water and grows into an eel. Even Aristotle believed that frogs formed from mud, that mice sprouted like seedlings in the damp hay. I used to believe the world spoke in code. I lay awake and tried to parse the flashes of the streetlight—

How Facebook is Breeding a Country of Intolerance and Extremism – NOT Bringing Us Together

Can you figure out the next word in this series? Good. Bad. Right. Wrong. Left. Right. Like. _____ Excellent! Now, let’s look at some numbers. (Quick caveat: this is quick math.) The USA has an estimated population of 308 Million. Of these, roughly 250 Million are 14-95. Facebook has 400 Million users world-wide. 70% are

Folk Etymology: how kitty-corner, bridegroom and penthouse came to be

Not sure how to spell “cat-a-corner” or knowing if it should be “kitty-corner” I embarked on a brief little journey into the history of how words change as roots disappear and become obsolete as pop culture takes over. Did you know, for instance, that kitty-corner evolved from catty-corner, which evolved from catercorner? Catercorner was a


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