Monthly archives: April, 2010

The Wire on Wall Street

OK, I’ll admit it: I watch a little TV and I get all pumped up. (You know: excited, hyper, talkie talkie.) Watching Michael Moore drive down Wall Street in his armored car in Capitalist: A Love Story, I can’t help but think of Paulson as the Greek (or Senator Davis?), Obama as Carcetti … Hmm,

poem for a skater – 20/30

I’ve been alot of people already and found out I don’t know who I am. Can you tell me. you’re a skater who loved to be hated, wanted to be a lover and lusted after life. you’d nollie so high, you’d clear three moons in one night. shit, you ate three pies to prove your eyes don’t shine brighter


Portland Rock History. Get Into It.

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of indulging in a double-header of Portland rock history. To kick it off, I went to another stellar Northwest Passage dinner lecture put on by the Dill Pickle Club. (If you haven’t checked them out yet and are local to Portland- you need to.) Eric Isaacson, of Mississippi Records,


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