Monthly archives: August, 2009

Common Thoughts

As I sit on a secluded beach on the North shore of Maui, I’m not quite ready to digest and share my experiences. So I’ve decided to share a few comments I received this morning, apparently found elsewhere (somewhere on a message board site) on the internet. May you find peace in knowing we share

Hipsters, Fixies, Protestants & a Video

Just today I was asked to “explain this fixies hipster bike thing vs whatever is not fixies hipster” and I think I did a fine job. Then, as a cherry to top it off, I found this video that I just have to share. Enjoy! oh yes. the fixies are rather simple: when the pedals


Talk to Strangers: Portraits of America

Artist Reception: Aug 3, 2009 Jewel Mlnarik, a local artist and digital media and project consultant, shows a selection of her black and white photos from a road trip across America. The portraits, a selection from her Talk to Strangers series, explore the commonalities threaded through us all. Swing by Echo Restaurant before August 12


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