Monthly archives: December, 2008

Happy Holidays

The rumors you’ve been hearing are true. A short week after coming home from Hawaii, snow came to Portland. And it stayed. And snowed a little more. And froze. And stayed. And snowed more. It’s been over a week since my car’s made it out of the driveway and off our street. I finally got

Maui: Day 2

Wednesday is my first full day on the island. I’m still on Portland time, so I rise with the sun, around 8 (6 Hawaiian). I join Paul on his “constitutional” – a 3 mile walk down the coast, past the really rich resorts including the Grand Wailea, where Oprah stays (or hosted a holiday party

Maui: Day One

Notes from my first trip off the continent. Mahalo. Not sure what this word means, but the folks on Hawaiian can’t get enough of this word. A friendly gentleman tells me that tomorrow and Sunday will be the best days to learn how to surf and I’m not sure if this is truth or the

100 Things

Got this list from Karen on her Facebook. I couldn’t resist and so marked what I did in CAPS. Cuz I like to yell when I’m excited. It’s an odd and random list and struck my fancy as I was going through my own list just earlier today. (Which I’ll post later.) 1. STARTED MY


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