Monthly archives: November, 2008

i’ve been meaning to pick up the flute again


Cross Crusades Rule

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships, Sun 11/9. After watching the first race of the Cross Crusade series at the Alpenrose Dairy, I had high expectations for all cyclo-cross races. Luckily, today’s race at the Portland International Raceway didn’t let me down. Costumes, “free” beer and bikes, oh my … what more can a girl ask

Ray LaMontagne

Last night’s Ray LaMontagne show leads me on a hilarious and exciting adventure of the “yesman” variety. With my date canceling only an hour before the show, as I’m enjoying happy hour with my friend, John, I have limited time and resources to line up a new concert mate. Unfortunately, my drinking buddy has serious

Hope is Alive

Admist the celebrations, fireworks, live music and cheers one thing rings clear in the night America calls Obama their 44th president elect: hope is alive. For some, this is the first ray of hope they’ve seen in a long while. For others, this is the empowerment they’ve been passionately pushing for years. I am excited


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