Monthly archives: April, 2008

Have I Found What I Was Looking For?

How’d your trip go? Was it everything you expected? I cannot count the number of times I’ve been asked these questions. After my first return to the aikiki after four long months my response to the common questions shifts, accommodating the changes I notice in my Aikido practice I look nage and uke in the

Timelapsed Photography

Another quick attempt to procrastinate on engaging entries, here’s another shot at the “picture a day” project. So check it out and come back in a year and see how mine develops.

I am Ivory Woman

I’ve tried the Porn Name game before and have always been disappointed about the results. Growing up on 5th street, you can imagine how bland the names would turn out even when trying different “first pet” names. “Molly Fifth”, “Zach Fifth”, “Peaches Fifth”, etc. So today, when my friend sent me the Wrestling Name game,

To Watch, To Listen: Dutch Influence

Miles: ~5,800 Place: New Orleans, French Quarter hotel Note: Dutch boys, Maurice and Sander, love electronica, hence our late swing through gay dance club. Gorgeous man with diamonds sprinkling his skull, like Britney Spears in “Toxic,” loves my hair. Sparkleboy’s boyfriend hand crafted his own strikingly sexy white suit, expertly paired to the boyfriend’s own

Strange Beasts Really do Live in Milwaukie

That’s Milwaukie, Oregon. Tonight I caught a blip of an interesting news story, during commercials. Luckily, I don’t have to watch the news to Google it. Yes, I love instant gratification. According to Oregon Live, a teenager discovered what Wikipedia names a “Mara.” And I want one! From the little research I’ve done, these Patagonian

Mistaken Identity and Honesty

In lieu of an update (though, as you can tell from my writing this, I am alive), I want to share a funny string of emails I’ve been getting. Apparently, another “Jewel M” doesn’t know her own gmail account, so she occassionally forwards her emails between herself and her ex-husband, Ron, and a potential/ex-boyfriend, Tom,

Home w/the Kitties

Being back in Portland has me cuddling my kitties more than usual, and laughing at funny little animations like this one. I’m glad I didn’t catch this while I was away, or I would have died just missing little Zelda’s face pawing.

Talk to Strangers Road Trip

Febrary-April 2008 Wow, who would have imagined how much time it’d take to develop and parse through 30 rolls of film and over 1,500 digital photos? Fine, laugh away… Good news is that I’m slowly getting there and willing to share my portfolio and albums along the way. Just remember they’re not complete and I


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