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Art + Music = FUN

Yay! This Friday marks the date of my housemate’s first solo/one-man show @ the Launchpad gallery. For those of you in Portland, go check it out. If you haven’t seen his band play, then show up at 6pm. In addition to Jaik’s good looks and good licks on the guitar, Michelle brings a woman’s touch


San Diego and Jack Johnson

Just a quick update that I’m alive and very well in southern California. My best girl from Portland, Elisabeth, met me here on Tuesday and since then we’ve managed to hit a couple of beaches, tour Wildstorm comics, an offshoot of DC and kill karaoke not once, but twice. My new favorite karaoke bar is

You May Have Missed this in the News…

From Kansas Joe, posted on Myspace. I couldn’t help it and just have to share. Enjoy!

Candidates Preview

Now that I’m down to my last roll of film, I finally have a preview of candidates for my final project. No, I don’t know what that will be, or what it will look like; it’s baking in the oven. The preview is from my first 15 rolls. The final 15 won’t likely be processed


I hate to rant too much on how much I rock, but I can’t help it … and the Bloody Mary’s are kicking in. Check it out: Best Dressed, SXSW 2008. It was funny being approached by someone with a camera, considering that’s what I’d been doing all trip. Now I definitely don’t mind complimenting


Don’t Mess with Texas and Happy Easter

It’s true and I’m sad. After raving about the friendliness of Texan highways, I received my second speeding ticket this trip. And it gets worse considering I never received my renewed registration stickers and lost my ID in Austin. Oh, and the speed limit changed from 80 to 70 only 10 miles before. Warning all


Save a Family, Change a Tire

No, it’s not as exciting as riding a cowboy, but helping people gives me a boost of energy even when I’m burning in the hot, desert, Texan sun. (And I like building up the Karma account when I can’t build up the bank account.) As I leave Sanderson, TX all jazzed from my tuna snack


Stopped for the Alamo, Stayed for the Margaritas

It’s official, I’ve left Austin and as soon as I take a break in Tuscon, I’ll write up all the glorious braggings. In my travels westward, I hadn’t planned on doing much in San Antonio apart from checking out the famous Alamo. When I got there, however, I fell in love with the River Walk


On Being a Champion

Simply put, it rocks – like the music at SXSW. Of the 15,000 folks at the festival, around 100 entered a softball tourney, the entertainment for the close out BBQ. Those braves played their hearts out on dusty fields after 4 days of continuous drinking, partying and little sleep. And some of us won. I

Folk Music at its Finest

In what was *the* show at SXSW (pronounced “South By”), Tom Morello led a star studded symphony of musicians in support for a new documentary, out today in Austin, Body of War. Despite his work and dedication to the project, Eddie Vedder (the billed “special guest”) wasn’t able to make it out. Personally, I’ve never

The Conversation that Saved my Life

If you’re like me and your phone is your life, then a piece of advice: get to know your cab driver. You will eventually leave your phone, camera or billfold behind. As soon as I made it into the hostel, I realized that I didn’t have my phone and calculated it could only have fallen

Arrived in Austin

After an early rise @ 4am, with the hopes of making it to Austin in time to catch one of the free 300 tickets to Yo La Tengo, I was thoroughly disappointed to have not made it. No ticket is better than crashing though, so I’m glad I took the road side nap, even if


Lovin and Leaving Louisiana

Nestled quietly a mere 9 meters, or 30 feet, from I-10 in a Texan rest stop, I reflect on my recent Louisiana love affair and replenish my body’s hydration system. Currently, I’m en route to Austin Texas, where I hope to be one of 400 people to receive free tickets to a Yo La Tengo

What is History?

A Debuke college professor and English tourist are sitting at the India House kitchen table and exchange quips on a history I’m unfamiliar with. “What can you do?” the Iowa man inquires, with a sad and serious undertone. “You can forget it,” I offer with a nervous chuckle I habitually share to let others know

Lil Miss. Sunshine

Did I say I was going to spend another night in Memphis? It must have been the crack dropped in my drink. Yeah…I made the smarter move, and headed down the Natchez Trace Parkway, a magical strip of roadway from Nashville to Natchez Miss. Never mind the first evening, when I portended death and slept

Camera Sad to Car Chase

Earlier this afternoon, my snapshot digital camera was swiped (stolen, snagged, taken without my permission) and I spent a good deal of an hour chatting with locals, store owners and innocent passers by in the overly optimistic hopes that I’d catch up with the gang of kids I suspected had it. Resigned, I head to


Tennessee Tannin to Memphis Grays

It’s affirmative. Nashville is a rockin’ city, even for non country die-hards like myself. I want to drink more Jack Daniels and expect to see live music in every venue, for free, with dancing groupies collecting tips for the band. Among my favorites (and ones I can remember): Jypsi :: extremely sexy, with style to


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