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Kickin it in Nashville

Yeah, so that plan about going to Cleveland and Columbus and Cincinnati? Not sure if you’ve heard me complain yet or not, but it’s f**n cold there, so I just decided to skip it and head south. Yeehaw! First, I got to check out the home town of Superman. Soo cool, even at night. If

How Good People Turn Evil

In today’s Wired is an article pronouncing that a psychologist will speak this afternoon at TED, to reveal his learnings on how good people turn bad.

Midwest Music

Chicago Indie Rock Turns out my childhood-high school friend, Megan’s, husband is in an indie rock band, The Bandages, and they’re good. As I listen to their first song on MySpace, “The Chemistry”, I think of McGnarly’s Rant, a Vancouver BC band who used to play at Biddy McGraw’s in Portland, who now call themselves

To Be (a) 6 Again and CARdio Fitness

As a woman was gazing into a mirror, she heard her husband ask what she’d like for her Birthday. “I’d like to be 6 again,” she sighed, still looking into the mirror. On the morning of her birthday, she woke to a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms, and then a trip to Six Flags.

new look, new kinks

after a long month and no computer work, i couldn’t help it … i just had to fiddle with the site. i realize it’s not the perfect layout for those of you with small monitors, but i have to get out and enjoy the free chicago museums. the black is back (at least a little)

From Potheads to Potholes

My first impression of Chicago? Holy Batman, look at them potholes! If you don’t, your car bumps, bleeps and yells at you. Upon sharing my amusement with a local, he whispers, “well, Chicago’s still a bit corrupt.” And I think again of Boston … as I’d been walking earlier, I kept picking up silent allusions


Omaha, NE: Saturday, Feb 23 Hanging out with medical professionals and students has its advantages, including refills on stupid human stories. I figured that with all my raves on awesome people across the states, we could use some laughs at the not-so-fortunately-cool. My top faves from the night: 1. She Don’t Use Jelly (right) A

w00t! for wichita

Preface: I’m bummed I’ve been such a bum and haven’t jotted down the blogs I’ve written in my head while driving through Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri…so catching up the best I can. Monday/Tuesday Feb 18/19 Oklahoma bleeds as I leave, and Kansas washes the sunset into a startling, saturated oil painting. My own private

Kansas Karaoke

Finally! After 3 sober, singless weeks, I find karaoke in Kansas. After I finish writing a post on being sick, I pack up my things and start to head out, when I decide to sit at a single open spot at the bar. The men are friendly and I easily contribute to their conversations on


A quick shout out and congrats to ms Erin Walker – soon to be Erin Walker-Beitz or just Erin Beitz. They already share a darling child/puppy Dahlia and an adorable condo in Boston and I wish them all the happiness and fertility they desire and deserve. Upon hearing the news, late one night in Santa

Sick on/of the Road

Alas, the high elevations have eroded my immune system. Or perhaps it’s the jerky and sunflower seed diet. Or unhygenic food service workers. Or suspicious hostel kitchen and bathroom. Or just plain winter boohoo. Whatever it is, I’ve been nursing an achy neck, runny throat (you know, when the snot rolls out the back of

Secret to Happiness: Multiple Jobs

Is the secret to happiness and working to have many jobs? (Unless you’re one of the lucky 1% who don’t have to have any job.) Grants, NM: Restaurant Owner, Property Owner, Wrestling Coach, Assistant Football Coach Larry owns El Cafecito, which I find in my “road trip america” book, off of historical Route 66 in

Hostel Gold and Flagstaff

If you can believe it, I spent my first night at a hostel in Flagstaff – and it was a BLAST. After spending my next night at another hostel in Albuquerque, turns out I hit gold on my first strike. Second strike – not so much. The fun started when I walked through the door

Ask + Wait vs Thought-Word-Action

Spurred by the Sedona Sun to end my silence, I strike up a conversation with a woman who’s clearly pregnant. She tells me this is her fourth and her first after having her tubes tied. She doesn’t tell many people, but her first time she was pregnant with twins and she had a dream that


Lesson of the Day: a u-turn keeps you moving forward (not backwards) As I’m dashing out of Tucson, I intend on swinging by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum before driving down to Bisbee, where I’ll follow the border over to Texas along my pre-planned route. By the time I’m finished with the museum (which is a

Bisbee Bound

It’s been an adventurous week in Tucson. After a few days of cold, rainy and snowy weather, the sun finally got my memo and came outside. I even burned a little while attending a beautiful outdoor wedding yesterday and could feel the Vitamin D production. (In hind sight, this was critical to surviving my last


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