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Sugar Pine Karaoke

Saturday night in the mountains (outside Spa Mom), gives me a glimpse of small towns to come. (I imagine desert akin to mountain.) Saturday night, the local Sugar Pine boasts karaoke, and, on a whim, I sweet talk my brother and mother into venturing out for some fine entertainment. With only five or six people

Spa Mom

Quietly nestled in the Sierra Foothills, between low and high elevation lakes Oroville and Buck’s, Spa Mom provides rejuvenation nourishments unparalleled by any other. Spa Mom is 9.3 acres of woods with a year round creek, waterfall, animals and activities for kids of all ages. One can start her morning feeding the pot bellies Annabell,

Leaving Portland

It was much harder than I thought to leave Portland. But I had to do it – I’d already had 3 going away celebrations and I couldn’t bear the thought of running into anyone and having to explain why they made me a road-trip CD if I wasn’t taking the trip. So it’s official: I’m

Ask Jewel

Is there something you’ve just been dying to check out or want to know? Like, what’s the best city for karaoke? Price of gas in some podunk town? Or if they’re still selling that one shot glass you need to complete your collection? I make no guarantees I’ll get around to everything, but you’re welcome

Google Earth Roadtrip Map

Talk to Strangers: the route

Follow me across the deep south, up the rust belt and along classic route 66. I’ll do my best to keep postings as I travel but don’t expect me to move fast. The new car only has a v4 and all my talking to strangers will have me stopping in every town/village/city/gas station along the

Great Expectations

Welcome to another year – and yes, another site. This one (as always) is in the making and I look forward to keeping in touch with y’all via updates from the road. Check out the tour page for a map on where I’ll be and please send me suggestions for sites, people and roads to


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